Almighty & Close 2021

Almighty & Close 2021 is our summer half term week full of activities; a trip to Letton hall, a woodland walk, a movie night, a beach trip and much much more!

We are so excited to be with the young people and to see how God moves in the young peoples lives over the week as we look at God being an almighty God who is ruler of the world but also a close close friend and father. Looking at some big questions about God and also looking at the closeness of God and how he longs to be in relationship with us.

Almighty & Close Programme

Almighty & Close Programme
Every time I go, it feels like a second home. You'll never get bored as there is always something to do, thats why I enjoy Letton Hall, I can't recommend this enough.
Letton has taught me so many ways to read the Bible and study scripture in an easy and relaxed way.

About Letton Hall

Letton Hall, a converted Georgian country house, is a Christian Conference Centre in rural Norfolk. It has been in operation as a Christian Centre for over 30 years, during which time it has provided a wonderful facility for thousands of people who have come to Letton as Churches, youth groups, schools and individuals. Letton Hall is set in the heart of the Norfolk Countryside within 10 beautiful acres.

Who Organises Letton House Party?

LHH is organised and run by CROPS—a registered charity that has been working in Peterborough since 1989, running residential trips for young people, as well as being an educational resource to Primary and Secondary Schools. Over 20 local churches from across the denominational spectrum support crops. All leaders for the LHH are drawn from local Churches and are DBS checked. Matt Wild is the Director of CROPS and all non-booking enquiries regarding LHH should go to him.

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